Really happy that I dealt with Career Mindfulness. My workforce is focused and they have upskilled themselves which is clear to see in their behaviour around each other. Nice to see that self-learning courses can work
Mohammed Al Forouqi
It’s mind blowing how even though I have been working for over 2 decades, I didn’t consider my wellbeing and work-life balance. Some very interesting topics were explored on Mental Health and Wellbeing, and I have learnt a thing or two about how I can ensure I don’t burnout and always keep a clear boundary between work and personal life.
Miriam Abdul
Current Employee
I was reluctant to begin with because I tried things in the market that didn’t really help. I came across Career Mindfulness through a friend and thought I would give it a go. I did learn some things that I didn’t really think of before. Now I am in a job that makes me happy.​
Justin Caplow

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